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All error message is like this:


org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: chunked stream ended unexpectedly
REPORT request failed on '/svn/Shopamani/!svn/vcc/default'
Any ideas???
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1 Solution

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Well I've set up an account on Github, and will be puhsing GLESGAE in tonight.I think the best idea for me would be to use Git and Mercurial to do something useful, as that'll be a better test run than running through any tutorial that artificially creates branches and repositories and merges them about. Granted that's useful, but it's in a controlled environment kind of thing.Probably a good thing I have two pressing tasks to get on with as tests, then!1) Sort out some way for the Contexts to be more generic, and the Vertex Buffers to have an option of being plain vertex arrays, or have support for VBOs or even VAOs ( which I've found out that iOS prefers through recent work endeavours. )2) I also need Win32 support and Audio of some description so they can be lumped together as they're likely as much a unit of work as sorting out the rendering bits.At any rate, knowing how to use Git, Mercurial and SVN is probably a good thing to have anyway, so the month of fiddling won't be wasted regardless of what I end up using
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