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The reason of seeing this warning is to make a small selection with a large feather radius by using marquee tool. It's just saying that the marching ants are invisible. This means that the selection is there and still ready to be used for the next action.
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There are different possibilities to solve this situation. You may try one of the following options;

  • Decrease the feather radius from selection tools,
  • Increase the selection size,
  • Increase the image size (this may decrease the quality of your image),
  • Ignore the warning message and keep going on working on your file (don't forget that your selection is still there).

You may prefer to set feathering to zero on selection tools and use the feather command (Ctrl+Alt+D) for each specific selection. Using feather command does not change the feathering setting (set to zero) on selection tool, so you don't need to wory about the feather radius of previous selections.

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