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Not enough memory. Please load a smaller dataset or use larger heap size.

  •  initial JVM size: X MB
  • total memory used: X MB
  • max. memory avail.: X MB
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This error message appears when a user attempts to load or process a dataset that WEKA can not handle with the used heap size. The Java heap size can be specified with the -Xmx option. Let the classpath that contains a JAR file (weka.jar) be:

E.g., to use 256MB as heap size, the command line looks like this:

C:\Matlab\weka-3-5-7>java -Xmx256m -jar weka.jar

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Today I saw that this solution really works well. I was using Covertype dataset which has about 500K~ instances and weka couldn't handle this dataset as expected. Tried the above fix and now I can go on. Thanks a lot!!!